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Grahame Grieve joins Evidentli’s Scientific Advisory Board

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We are excited to announce the appointment of Grahame Grieve to our Scientific Advisory Board where he will help guide the company’s product and technology strategy.

"We are thrilled to welcome a leader of Grahame’s calibre to the Evidentli team. His knowledge and perspectives on technical standards, healthcare software architecture, and the digital health ecosystem will provide immense value to Evidentli."

-- Enrico Coiera, Scientific Advisory Board Chair

Grahame is best known as the creator of FHIR, the healthcare interoperability standard that provides the foundation for digital health and is supporting all facets of the global healthcare delivery system. He is widely sought after speaker, consultant, and advisor and is a recognised global leader in technical health standards, digital health technology, and the evolution of healthcare practice as it is changed by technology.

"Evidentli has uniquely powerful technology that enables data transformation to OMOP with a speed and at a quality I have not yet seen anywhere else. Along with enterprise grade data tooling, governance, and warehousing, I feel they have an offering that could transform the landscape of medical research and translational medicine. I look forward to working with the company as it expands its technology and offering in the years to come."

-- Grahame Grieve, Evidentli Scientific Advisor

Grahame joins a deeply experienced Scientific Advisory Board that also includes Enrico Coiera, one of the world’s leading digital health academics; Paul Glasziou, one of the creators of the discipline Evidence Based Medicine which has transformed medical practice over the past 3 decades; and Susan Phillips, former CEO of Therapeutic Guidelines Australia.

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